Leslie Mujica

On behalf of the citizens and workforce of Las Vegas, I will strive to improve the environment, economy, and overall quality of life.
As the Executive Director of the Las Vegas Power Professionals, it is my job to oversee the well being of the community.  I plan on doing so by fostering opportunities for careers in growing fields, assisting to rebuild our cities infrastructure with safety, efficiency and fair wages in mind.  I promise to remain aware of the challenges our environment is facing.  I will be a vibrant member of the political community and lobby our governing bodies toward renewables and efficiency.  I will further push our developers and planners to construct our communities for sustainability and longevity so we can all live a happier and cleaner life.  Together we will build a powerful and sustainable tomorrow with Las Vegas serving as an example for all Nevada.

Leslie Mujica, Executive Director
Las Vegas Power Professionals