Few issues strike home for working families as much as education for their children. To be equipped for life, every child needs and deserves high-quality education that is available to all—from early childhood through college. For schools to work, educators must have the support and resources they need to succeed and school buildings must be well-equipped and well-maintained. Our schools must serve all children, and comprehensive services and supports must be in place for students with the greatest needs. All students should have access to higher education and assistance paying for it so they are not barred from college or saddled with impossible debt when they leave.

Our Joint Apprenticeship Training Center (JATC) provides young adults with the opportunities for the necessary education and a fulfilling career with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  The Greater Las Vegas area is represented by Local IBEW 357 and our JATC is where the apprentices are trained and our electricians return for continuing education.  Our state of the art facility teaches young adults, and those looking to change careers, the skills, safety, and craftsmanship  for unique career with an great wages and benefits.

To learn more about IBEW 357’s JATC, please visit http://www.earnwhileyoulearn.org/
Las Vegas Power Professionals – IBEW 357